She & I – Prologue


February, 25th 2008

Aunt! I don’t care what dad thinks, Sarah yelled into the phone, then pauses and calmly she responded, “It’s my life aunt and I can live it the way I want!” “Please aunt, I have to go now”. She clicked on the red button to end the call fuming with anger and glanced at her friend who was seated on her bed. “I’m sorry about that”. She apologized for her display of anger.

“It’s just that he’s been getting on my nerves.”

Her friend, Elizabeth looked at her. “Sarah!” She called her calmly.

“He’s your father. You shouldn’t talk about him like that. Besides, you need to calm down and try to understand why your he’s is saying you shouldn’t marry Jude. I know he has been on your neck to settle down and now he’s also the one standing against your marriage and the reason’s he gave you doesn’t seem good to you at the moment. At least try talk to your aunt first. She’s your father’s sister and also like your mum. Listen to what she has to say before you push everyone away.”

Elizabeth walked up to Sarah who stood by the window. “Sarah!” She called gently.  “I have been your friend since we were little. I was there when you lost your mum and I’m here now.  Try seeing your aunt. She called you now and you ended up yelling at her on the phone. It’s not nice.”

“Look,” she paused. “I’ll go with you.”

Sarah turned to look at her friend with tears in her eye. “You would?” She asked.

“Yes I will’’, she responded smiling. “I need a break anyway to get new ideas and to quickly hold you back from killing anyone with your temper.”

“Am I that bad?” Sarah asked with fresh tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Common, Elizabeth said hugging her. You are not bad. You are a sweet lovely woman who just needs to learn patience and not get angry all the time. Everything will be fine. You’ll see. I promise.”

“I have to leave now. I’m meeting a client at the shop in a few hours. I need to prepare the quotations for the catering services they are hiring us for. I’ll call you okay.”

“Okay, thanks Sarah replied, giving her friend a smile. I truly appreciate your support. God bless you.”

“Amen and to you too” Elizabeth responded.

Sarah saw her friend to the door and after shutting the door she settled down on the sofa. She really need to know why her father doesn’t want her marrying her fiance Jude. After series of heart breaks and failed relationship, she had sworn off men and concentrated on her career. At 29, she has a great job as a manager in one of the largest telecommunications company in the country. Her mother had died after a brief illness right after she got admission into the university. Her father had been devastated at losing his wife but was always there for her. She had cried on his shoulders and had confided in him like she would have if her mother had been alive. He had said that a man who would love her and never leave her would show up. It may delay but it would surely happen.

She had given up until she met Jude about a year ago during one of their end of year parties held at their head office. He had come with a colleague from another branch outlet. She was seated on the same table with him. They got talking and had exchanged numbers after the party and had seen a couple of times for lunch and a few dates before he asked her out. When he asked her hand in marriage three months ago, only then had she introduce him to her father. Her father had received Jude well and had given his blessing. They planned for the wedding towards the end of the year which was in nine months’ time to give them ample time to prepare. Her father had discovered from her during one of their father daughter lunch date when he inquired of Jude from her. She had innocently replied that he was out of town to visit his son at his ex-wife’s place. Her father had left her at the eatery; his lunch unfinished without words. Her father had refused to say anything to her only that she couldn’t marry Jude. She had tried to reason with him that she wasn’t getting any younger, he had insisted that marrying a man with a child and especially a divorcee wasn’t God’s will for her. What was God’s will? She had asked amidst tears, storming out of her father’s home without waiting for his response.Few days after, her father had sent her a very short message.

“God’s will is for you to have a beautiful life! Your aunt will call you.”

She had stared at the message, trying to make sense of it. Truly, her aunt had called her and has been calling since asking that she listen to her father and to come see her.

Sighing, she got up from the sofa and went into the room in search of her phone. Picking it from the bed where she had earlier dropped it, she sent a text to her aunt apologizing for the way she had rudely spoken earlier and to ask when it was convenient for her to visit. After that, she picked up her car keys, looked at her wrist watch for time, it was past four in the evening. She could still get a massage if she hurried.


Three days later, Sarah met with her fiance Jude who had come to pay her a visit. They were seated in his car parked out in front of Sarah’s gate.

“I have really missed you, Jude said taking her hands. She didn’t reply but sighed smiling weakly. “Are you okay?” He asked. She nodded briefly looking at him then continued to stare through the windscreen.

Jude continued, “Do you want me to talk to your father?”  He asked

“No thanks”, she replied slowly.

“Okay then, he said looking at his watch. “It’s getting late, I should get going. I’ll call you”.

She was getting down when he ignited the engine of the car and drove off as soon as she was in front of the gate. She was saddened by the way the night ended. They were both overwhelmed with their present situation and as such she could understand why he didn’t wait for her to get in before driving off.

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