7 Nifty Reasons For Making Hand Made Soap

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I love making my own hand made soap. I enjoy using it myself and I adore giving it as gifts to family and friends. They always say ìWow!î when I tell them I made it myself.

Here are 7 nifty reasons for making hand made soap.

  1. It’s fun. Making your own hand made soap can be a lot of creative fun.
  2. You control the ingredients. That means your soap can be full of high quality, good stuff for your skin and not full of harsh, nasty chemicals.
  3. You choose the color. You can make your soap any color you want! Even lime green, if you like that color.
  4. You control the scent. If you want to make unscented soap you can. If You want to make highly scented soap you can. If you want to think up an interesting scented and colored soap, such as lemon meringue, you can.
  5. You control the shape of the soap. There are all kinds of soap molds available; hearts, flowers, seashells, even gingerbread men!
  6. If you’re stuck thinking of a gift for someone, you can make them some wonderful hand made soap. The recipient should love a gift of gorgeous soap nestled in tissue paper in a pretty gift box. They should be even more impressed when you tell them you made it yourself!
  7. The satisfaction you derive from making something that’s creative and useful. You don’t have to rely on the stores to provide your soap; you can provide it for yourself and others.

Be warned that soap making is an addictive hobby! I have fun thinking up new scent and color combinations, wondering if they’ll work and when they do, it’s an awesome feeling. Soapmaking encourages my creativity and I’m sure it will encourage yours as well!

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