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She & I – Chapter 3


*****Chapter 3***** She was walking down the aisle. Dressed in an elegant flowing cream gown, she could see the people about her through her veil, cheering, some clapping, others commenting how beautiful she looked. The priest stood afar. The groom was already at the altar, his back towards her, waiting for her to join him. She was happy. Finally she would have the title of Mrs. attached to her...

She & I – Chapter 2


*****Chapter 2***** She woke up to the sound of pigeon birds cooing by her windows. They were the only guest to ever visit and she always welcomed them by putting grains by the slabs of her two bedroom and sitting room windows. She had first noticed them on her second morning in the apartment while cleaning the dust from her window. They had stayed put even while she cleaned. They would flutter...

She & I – Chapter 1


******Chapter 1****** She had made the right choice. No one would find her here. The sitting room and bedroom were small and cozy with two windows each that had slabs should one wish to rest on them. She had her mattress bed on the rug in the room. There was a guest toilet along the mini hallway by the flat entrance door and a built in wardrobe in the room. The bathroom had a water heater, a...

She & I – Prologue


February, 25th 2008 Aunt! I don’t care what dad thinks, Sarah yelled into the phone, then pauses and calmly she responded, “It’s my life aunt and I can live it the way I want!” “Please aunt, I have to go now”. She clicked on the red button to end the call fuming with anger and glanced at her friend who was seated on her bed. “I’m sorry about that”. She apologized for her display of anger...

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