What’s The Big Deal With Emotional Wholeness, Anyway? #2


We got so caught up in the outer indicators of value that we have lost sight of value itself. We are so caught up in buying contentment through getting more and more stuff that we confused value with price; possessions with being. Not surprisingly, many of us find ourselves in a situation where the more we buy, the less complete we feel. It’s not suppose to work this way. Wholeness enables...

What’s The Big Deal With Emotional Wholeness, Anyway? #1


Have you ever sat down and just chilled out for a whole day? I’m not talking about playing a video game or watching stuff on YouTube, but just completely chilling out: possibly outdoors checking out some natural landscape or natural features, sitting down on a bench, watching the sunset. Have you ever done that? If you had, and you’re completely honest with yourself, don’t be...

The “More, More, More” Mind-set Leads To Broken And Empty Lives#2


Other ways people kill themselves are through drunk driving, drug abuse, and accidental overdose. The more stuff you have, doesn’t necessarily mean the more you’ve become. These are two totally different things and two totally different tracts. Sadly, modern society teaches us that they are one and the same. You are worth more than the sum of the stuff that you consume. You are worth...

The “More, More, More” Mind-set Leads To Broken And Empty Lives #1


If you are at a campsite and if you want your barbecue pit to heat up very quickly, the last thing you’d probably think of doing is to pump a huge amount of flammable liquid on it. If you’re a responsible camper and know your way around your barbecue pit, you would layer on twigs and other twigs and branches and put logs on top. That’s how you manage the fire. Unfortunately...

What Is Wholeness And Why Do You Need It?


We live in a modern world where the world pretty much slices and dices us. Just take a look at how marketing and political persuasion are done. If you’re trying to get some sort of political message across, you dig into the demographic of the audience you’re trying to reach: their age range, gender distribution, occupation, and average level of education attainment. These are the...

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