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3 Simple But Powerful Songwriting Tips


Do you feel frustrated or unfulfilled with the songs you have written? Do you think your songs have to conform to a certain standard before they are any good? If so, what exactly are you comparing them to? You may find you have an unrealistic expectation of yourself or what you think a song is or should be. If you are unhappy with the songs you have written or think your songs are not what they...

3 Must Know Tips For Creating The Ultimate Scrapbooking Room


If you are a scrapbooking junkie like me, you know that your scrapbooking supplies can really stack up from your various projects. Many people just find a place to do their scrapbooking wherever they can find a spot. It can get pretty difficult to be creative when you are cramped in a tiny space or have a lot of distractions around you while you scrapbook. Why not create a scrapbook room that is...

5 Songwriting Tips For The Lazy


It's funny, being a songwriter myself, I always find that writing songs can sometimes be a chore. But why does it feel this way? Isn't this supposed to be my passion? Isn't this supposed to be something that I never get bored of? Ö well, not exactly. Everything gets boring once in a while, even the things that you're most passionate about. So every so often I like to take the lazy man's route to...

3 Birthday Party Games Everyone Will Love Playing!


What's a birthday party without games? No party at all that's what! Games bring excitement to any party and birthday parties are no exception. Sure there are the traditional birthday party games like pin the tale on the donkey and smashing the piñata open, but times have changed and while these traditional games remain classics, there are a few more out there that are sure to go down in the...

2 Important Suggestions When Purchasing A Diamond Saw Blade


What are diamond blades you may ask? Well, have you ever been driving down the road and you see some construction workers cutting either the road or cement? The circular metal tool that actually cuts the material is what the diamond blade is. This metal is very strong only if it is used correctly. There are many different diamond blades made especially for different types of metals and concrete...

“Songwriting Tips: Un-original Melodies Can Be A Good Thing…”


The moment that people create a melody which they feel is great, many think it already sounds like another song. This is common, and I suffered from this many times. What you've got to understand is that ALL SONGS are RECYCLED MELODIES. Every song has a 'portion' of the tune which will be the same as another. So don't worry if you feel your song sounds like another. What's important to know here...

Watch Free Satellite Tv & Movies


What would you think about receiving satellite TV from stations all over the world on your device? There are literally thousands of them broadcasting over the internet 24 hours a day. You can get them on your device and I am going to show you how to get them now. Receiving satellite TV on your home computer is less expensive than other ways. There are thousands of channels available from all over...

Blue Groups; In Music History


I recently had an email question posed to me from my site that asked me what I thought was the most successful Blue Group? (I have narrowed it down to the word "blue" in the beginning of the band name) I can only say with such an eclectic list of choices that you would have to narrow it down to what type of music is being played by the group, how you define success and of course, personal...

Beautiful Liar By Beyonce And Shakira


Beautiful Liar, the duet performed by Beyonce and Shakira was amazingly good without either of the megastars jostling for star power. They were able to accomplish the blending of their singing voices in such a harmonious way without either being the dominant voice. Both singers have powerful, strong singing voices. They can fill the biggest arenas with their vocal ranges just by themselves. One...

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