3 Must Know Tips For Creating The Ultimate Scrapbooking Room

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If you are a scrapbooking junkie like me, you know that your scrapbooking supplies can really stack up from your various projects. Many people just find a place to do their scrapbooking wherever they can find a spot.

It can get pretty difficult to be creative when you are cramped in a tiny space or have a lot of distractions around you while you scrapbook.

Why not create a scrapbook room that is all yours? Below you will find some tips on how to create the ultimate scrapbook room.

Make the Most of Your Space

While you’re designing your ultimate scrapbook room, you’ll want to get the most use of your space as possible. Do this with shelving. You can get floor to ceiling shelving to have a lot of storage space.

You know what they say ñ if you can’t build out, build up. One great thing to do with this shelving is to purchase some great bins or baskets to put small things in. You can place stickers, embellishments, ribbons, markers or any other little thing in bins like this.

Set the Mood

A scrapbook room is not only about storing your supplies, you also want it to be inviting and cozy for when you are working on a project and spending time in there. Here are some things you can use to your scrapbook room comfortable and appealing:

  • At least one big cozy armchair. (Depending on how big your space is, get a few for when friends come over to scrapbook with you.)
  • A great inviting and relaxing paint color. This will welcome you and make you feel peaceful while working on your scrapbook projects.
  • Art. Placing some stimulating art on the walls will also help make your scrapbook room welcoming, and give you some much-needed inspiration.
  • Candles. Get some great scented candles to light in your room. This will make your environment cozy and special, along with adding a little touch of scent.

Prepare the Necessities

For your scrapbook room to really be perfect you will need the ultimate work area. You can get some functional items that will help you in your projects and give you the tools you need to be efficient and productive. Here are some great things you will need to add to your space:

  • A large table or flat working space.
  • A bright lamp or light to help you see the little items you will be working with. This is a great thing to help keep you from straining your eyes while you’re working on projects.
  • A cabinet to place all of your tools for scrapbooking. Some of these might include: hot glue guns, staplers, scissors, paint, etc.

Making your ultimate scrapbooking room can be fun and beautiful if you use your imagination and a bit of creativity. Think of the things you use the most and place them at reachable level. The things you use less often can go in higher places.

You need a space to relax and be able to create your beautiful art works and think outside of the box. You will be very glad you’ve decided to give yourself this gift. Use these great tips to help get you on the track to more efficient and productive works of beauty.

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